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  1. Hello, Mr. Danny Ray. We are watching a documentary on James Brown now. My wife is 61 and I am 62. I was a Beatles enthusiast when I was growing up, but had a black friend tell me about James Brown and the Flames. So, I went to the local black man’s (Otis Dogan’s) record shop to see if he had any James Brown records and he recommended the 45, Mother Popcorn. I listened to more of his music over the years and not only enjoyed James Brown’s singing, but the tight band rhythms and the saxophone playing. I could ramble own, but I am very grateful and humbled to still be playing the sax. My mother is from Wrens, Ga. My father grew up on a tobacco farm here in Southern Va. Neither one had running water in their houses when they grew up. I had it much better in the 60s than they, or my black friends. We enjoyed your comments on the documentary and I was much impressed with the video clip of your first introduction of his act. So, I hope you are in good health and able to enjoy some blessings and hopefully, some more yet. Best Wishes, John Sibley, Jr., Halifax, VA p.s, I believe my drummer friend, Beckwith Crawley may have been influenced by Clyde Stubblefield. I will ask him.

  2. Dear John,

    Thanks for sharing with me. I wish you a happy new year 2020, full of music.

    The JB’s & Danny Ray

  3. I hope all the JB Band are safe and well and still keeping the amazing sounds of Mr Brown alive – without Doubt the greatest performer and show I was ever blessed to be in the room

    Tom Mc Shane – Scotland

  4. Hi there,

    Thanks for your condolences. We will forward your message to Danny’s family.

    Meanwhile, take care.


    The JB’s

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