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  1. Hello, Mr. Danny Ray. We are watching a documentary on James Brown now. My wife is 61 and I am 62. I was a Beatles enthusiast when I was growing up, but had a black friend tell me about James Brown and the Flames. So, I went to the local black man’s (Otis Dogan’s) record shop to see if he had any James Brown records and he recommended the 45, Mother Popcorn. I listened to more of his music over the years and not only enjoyed James Brown’s singing, but the tight band rhythms and the saxophone playing. I could ramble own, but I am very grateful and humbled to still be playing the sax. My mother is from Wrens, Ga. My father grew up on a tobacco farm here in Southern Va. Neither one had running water in their houses when they grew up. I had it much better in the 60s than they, or my black friends. We enjoyed your comments on the documentary and I was much impressed with the video clip of your first introduction of his act. So, I hope you are in good health and able to enjoy some blessings and hopefully, some more yet. Best Wishes, John Sibley, Jr., Halifax, VA p.s, I believe my drummer friend, Beckwith Crawley may have been influenced by Clyde Stubblefield. I will ask him.

  2. Dear John,

    Thanks for sharing with me. I wish you a happy new year 2020, full of music.

    The JB’s & Danny Ray

  3. Hi Mr. Dany Ray,
    I am Afonso Muchanga from Mozambique, a fun of James Brown. I went to a JB concert in Montpellier (France) in 1993 or 94, I have very good memories of that show, in particular of the Great performance of the Godfather of Soul, his musicians aaaaand… Mr. Dany Ray shouting “Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready to get down? Let’s welcome the King of Soul himself, James Brown… James Brown… James Brown…” God bless you and the JB,s.

  4. Greetings Sir. Danny Ray, My Family has always been a BIG FAN of James Brown and always enjoyed your passionate stage contribution. I hope and pray that you are happy, healthy and doing well. I would love to have a conversation with you. I truly believe that you loved the Godfather of Soul and I pray that you were able to hold on to all of your memorabilia and your home. God bless you.

  5. I hope all the JB Band are safe and well and still keeping the amazing sounds of Mr Brown alive – without Doubt the greatest performer and show I was ever blessed to be in the room

    Tom Mc Shane – Scotland

  6. That intro of you still give me the goosebumps today

    Ronald 62 years from the Netherlands

  7. Hi there,

    Thanks for your condolences. We will forward your message to Danny’s family.

    Meanwhile, take care.


    The JB’s

  8. We thank you in the name of Danny Ray. He loved his job.

    We hope to see you soon meanwhile take care

    The JB’s band

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